air-lux Sliding Smart Window System

The air-lux Sliding Smart Window System is a beautifully modern window solution that can be operated with voice control via Siri or Alexa; or touch surface and remote control. The window system also includes an innovative automatic inflating casement seal that enables a 100% airtight seal - Providing the best impermeability in the industry.

  • Custom Made
  • Smart Technology
  • 10 Year Guarantee
air-lux Sliding Door Features...

air-lux Sliding Smart Window System: Technical Specification

Product Type
Aluminium Windows and Door Systems
Product Type
air-lux Sliding Smart Window System
Multiple Door, Window & Fixed-Pane Options
Aluminium frame with wood and/or solid bronze
All runners, guide rollers, latching and locks constructed from high-grade steel
Double or Triple Glazing as standard. Laminated safety glass, Alarm glass & Bullet-proof glass available as options
Multi-dead locks
Wind Resistance
(EN 12210) class C4 / B4
Air permeability
(EN 12207) class 4
Water Resistance
(EN12208) class E1500
Noise insulation
(EN 14351-1)
10 Year Product Guarantee
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air-lux Sliding Smart Window System
  • Innovative inflatable casement seal provides a 100% airtight seal
  • Can accommodate sliding panels in various directions
  • Building Regulations compliant
  • Available in multiple styles and colours
  • Can be matched with air-lux sliding doors, windows and fixed-glazing panels
  • Double and triple glazing as standard
  • Energy and/or solar reflecting glazing coatings

As you would expect, the The air-lux Sliding Window System can be configured in multiple arrangements, sizes, finishes and opening types.

Special Opening Solutions

The patented air-lux pneumatically sealed system not only enables horizontally opening sliding windows, but is also well-suited for vertical opening from bottom to top/top to bottom, diagonally sliding, open upwards and/or downwards etc. It can even incorporate curved glazing. In all of the configuration the self-inflatable seals ensure the opening casements are 100% airtight.

The air-lux patented sealing system is also available in our air-lux sliding external door and fixed glazing ranges.


XS: Mobile
SM: Tablet
MD: Laptop & iPad
LG: Desktop & iPad Pro
XL: HD Desktop