Welcome to Minimal Frame Projects Premium Glazing Solutions in West London, Surrey, and Surrounding Areas

At Minimal Frame Projects, we focus on providing top-quality glass solutions in London, Surrey, and the Home Counties. We specialise in slimline, modern glass systems that use advanced technology combining sleek design with improved energy efficiency and functionality.

Our range includes bifold doors, aluminium sliding doors, skylights, rooflights, sliding patio doors, and more. These products are designed to improve both homes and businesses.

You can find us at our showroom in Surbiton:

Minimal Frame Projects, 275 - 277 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 7AB - Tel: 020 7550 6550
Open Mon-Fri: 8am to 6pm (Weekend and evenings by appointment)

Residential Glazing

Glazing For Homeowners

At Minimal Frame Projects we has a wide selection of glazing solutions for your residential extension, basement conversion or new build project. From Sliding patio doors with matching windows to ultra-sleek glass box extensions, structural glass, walk-on-glass and glazed rooflights - and most things in between - we have you covered.

Glazing for Architects

Glazing For Architects

Our aim at Minimal Frame Projects is to make your life as an architect as simple as possible. Our glazing solutions can be completely tailored to fit your designs, are often available with detailed CAD files and can be integrated within the structure of the building. Our cutting-edge products allow you to get on with designing the best client solution - no compromise!

Glazing for Developers

Glazing For Property Developers

We love working with property developers - and (we're told) they love us too! Maybe it's our competitive, efficient service? Or our cutting-edge smart glazing solutions? Or perhaps it's our expert installation team or glazing guarantee? Whatever the reasons, we have a solution to meet all of your project's glazing requirements.

Why Minimal Frame Projects

At Minimal Frame Projects, we meticulously select our glazing systems to feature slimline frames, ensuring the highest quality manufacturing and incorporating cutting-edge smart technology. Our installations are professionally fitted, energy-efficient, and fully guaranteed for your peace of mind.



Our Services

Bifold Doors: Transform your space with our stylish bifold doors, ideal for both interior and exterior applications. These doors offer seamless integration and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any environment.
Bifold Doors

Sliding Doors: Enjoy effortless transitions with our range of aluminium and slimline sliding doors. Designed for durability and sleekness, they provide an elegant solution for modern living spaces.
Sliding Doors

Skylights & Rooflights: Illuminate your home with our selection of glazed rooflights and skylights, designed to maximize natural light and enhance the ambiance of any room.
Skylights & Rooflights

Aluminium Windows: Discover our high-quality aluminium windows, combining strength, durability, and energy efficiency to complement any architectural style.
Aluminium Windows

Glass Balustrades: Enhance your space with bespoke glass balustrades and glass banisters, suitable for both internal and external use.
Glass Balustrades

Internal Glass Doors: Transform your interiors with our sophisticated range of internal glass doors.
Internal Glass Doors

Pivot Doors: Pivot rotate on a pivot hinge rather than swinging on traditional hinges. They provide a modern and stylish alternative to conventional doors and can create a larger and more welcoming entrance.
Pivot Doors

Walk-On Glass: Walk-on glass flooring is designed to support human weight. Used for architectural applications like floors and stairs, it enhances spatial design, allows light through and provides and structural strength.
Walk-on Glass

Heritage Windows: Combine timeless design with modern energy-efficient performance, preserving architectural character, such as our very popular industrial-style doors and windows.
Heritage Windows

Acoustic Pods: Create a tranquil environment for focused work or relaxation with our acoustic pod solutions, designed to reduce noise and enhance privacy in residential and commercial settings.
Acoustic Pods

Explore our full range of products at our showroom or contact us today to discuss how Minimal Frame Projects can elevate your space with our innovative glazing solutions.


Comprehensive Glazing Warranties: Your Peace of Mind Guaranteed

The Minimal Frame Projects Glazing Guarantee ensures peace of mind with comprehensive warranties covering windows, doors, and structural glazing systems for up to 25 years, with specific maintenance and function guarantees outlined for each product.


Working with world-leading glazing manufacturers

At Minimal Frame Projects, we collaborate with some of the world’s foremost high-end manufacturers in architectural systems and glazing solutions.

Our partners include:

  • Internorm, known for their pioneering energy-efficient windows and doors
  • Solarlux, renowned for bespoke glazing solutions integrating luxury with sustainability
  • Hyline, recognized for cutting-edge sliding door systems.
  • We also work with Schuco for their precision-engineered aluminium systems and,
  • Air-Lux for advanced motorized sliding doors. Additionally, our partnerships extend to
  • Smart, known for innovative glass architecture solutions.

Each manufacturer we select offers unparalleled expertise and craftsmanship, ensuring our clients receive the highest standards of performance and design in every project.


Architects, property developers, and homeowners find value in our customised solutions and wide selection of products. Whether you want to enhance a contemporary home extension with stylish bifold doors or make a striking entrance with our heritage windows, Minimal Frame Projects offers expert guidance, professional installation, and exceptional quality.

Whether you’re a professional architect or a homeowner, we work closely with you to bring your ideas to life. Whether it’s upgrading a modern home with sleek bifold doors or creating a standout entrance with our heritage windows, Minimal Frame Projects provides expert guidance, skilled installation, and top-quality products for every project.

Visit our showroom or contact us today to explore our full range of products and discover how Minimal Frame Projects can elevate your space with our innovative glazing solutions.

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