Schüco FireStop - Fire & Smoke Resistant Doors Choose Schüco and Minimal Frame Projects for a cutting-edge fire & smoke resistant doors

Schüco multi-purpose fire-resistant glazing meets resistance classes F30 and G30 whilst still offering a modern, seamless aluminium fire-resistant façade. Where required, the fire-resistant glass can be seamlessly integrated with your non-fire-resistant standard glazing and doors.

The fire-resistant glazing can achieve impressive widths and heights of up to 5000mm.

  • Custom Made
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Fire-Resistant
Schüco Fire-Resistant Glazing Features...

Schüco Fire & Smoke Resistant Doors: Technical Specification

Product Type
Specialist Glazing Systems
Product Type
Schüco Fire Rated Window & Door Systems
Fire-resistant façades with 50mm and 60mm face widths
Fire Resistance
30 minute fire resistance
Thermal Insulation
Highly thermally insulated fire protection
Burglar resistance to RC2 (WK2)
Seamless integration from fire-resistant façade to standard façade
10 Year Product Guarantee
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Schüco Fire & Smoke Resistant Doors
  • Complies to fire resistance classes F30 and G30
  • Curtain walling up to widths and heights of 5000mm
  • Building Regulations compliant
  • Available in multiple finish colours
  • Can be configured with doors, windows and fixed-glazing panels
  • "Invisible” connection between fire-resistant and standard façades
  • Energy and/or solar reflecting glazing coatings

Schüco FireStop Windows & Doors
The Next Generation of Fire and Smoke Protection Systems

Experience a paradigm shift in fire and smoke protection with Schüco's cutting-edge window and door solutions.

Introducing the Schüco FireStop ADS 90 FR 30 and Schüco FireStop ADS 76.NI SP aluminium platforms, setting a new standard in safety and innovation.

These systems boast a ground-breaking structure that not only prioritises excellent design but also ensures optimal efficiency and unmatched flexibility.

Building Safety: A Priority

Fire and the associated smoke pose significant threats to life, emphasising the critical need for robust protection in buildings. Schüco is at the forefront, designing and developing fully tested system solutions encompassing doors, façades, windows, and partition walls. Our comprehensive offerings, including fittings and glazing, address a wide spectrum of fire and smoke protection requirements.

Schuco aluminium fire and smoke protection door system in action

Innovative Fire and Smoke Protection

Recognising the evolving demands on buildings, Schüco incorporates innovative profile geometry that facilitates swift and flexible responses to changes in use. Whether switching from single to multi-point locking or adjusting hinges, these modifications can be seamlessly executed while the building is still operational.

Cables for door wiring can be easily laid during or after fabrication, showcasing the adaptability of the Schüco FireStop system.

The platform's flexibility is further exemplified by a range of fittings suitable for all series, along with the option of employing various construction methods.

Key Features:

  • 30 Minute fire resistance
  • Complies to fire resistance classes F30 and G30
  • Easy adaptation over time to changing building requirements
  • Simple exchange and adjustment of fittings
  • Efficient laying of cables - even retrofitting


Planning Benefits

Schüco's fire protection systems extend beyond safety to encompass attractive design.

Concealed fittings offer a harmonious blend of fire protection and stylish aesthetics. The platform opens doors to new dimensions in size and transparency, allowing for doors with large, clear openings.

Additional Planning Benefits:

  • Tested fixed glazing in portrait and landscape formats
  • Simple and flexible changes in use while the building is operational
  • Design possibilities, including frame extensions for doors


Schuco aluminium fire and smoke protection door configurations


Adapting to changes in building use is a breeze with the Schüco FireStop system. The ability to switch from single to multi-point locking, adjust hinges, and retrofit cables while the building is in use showcases unparalleled flexibility.

The use of identical components across various series enhances adaptability, providing a seamless experience for architects and builders alike.

Schüco Innovation

Embrace the future of fire and smoke protection with Schüco's innovative systems. The FireStop ADS 90 FR 30 and FireStop ADS 76.NI SP platforms offer not just safety but a revolution in design, efficiency, and adaptability. Safeguarding buildings against the perils of fire and smoke has never been more comprehensive and stylish.

Choose Schüco and Minimal Frame Projects for a cutting-edge fire door protection solution that prioritises both safety and aesthetics.

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